MaxFunDrive 2011

Jordan Jesse Go!: Live for MaxFunDrive 2011

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Stop Podcasting Yourself
My Brother, My Brother and Me
Al Madrigal
Gene O'Neill

Jesse and Jordan are joined by Al Madrigal and Gene O'Neill, plus MaxFunPals My Brother, My Brother & Me and Stop Podcasting Yourself for the live finale of the MaxFunDrive.

We weren't going to podcast this, but since we met our goal and our listeners were so generous, we decided... what the heck?



Our two-week pledge drive brought in 1279 new donors! That blew the roof off of our goal of 1200, and I'm grateful to every single donor out there.

Arthur was kind enough to make this profoundly vulgar animated gif to illustrate our success.

As a thank-you to all our listeners, I'm going to get high-quality video of our live show last night up on the website within a couple of days.

Thank-you gifts will be mailed in about eight weeks, and we'll have a big volunteer day or two to ship them out that we'll announce here.

One note for continuing donors: if you signed up to donate with our old PayPal-based system, we appreciate you switching to our new in-house database. Among other things, we want to make sure that we have your current address.

To change systems, just sign up on the new system, which should only take a couple minutes, then cancel your PayPal subscription with this link.

Less than 100 donors to go!!


We're in the home stretch!


JJGo Live! Tonight! with Al Madrigal and "Big Time" Gene O'Neill


Join Jesse and Jordan for a LIVE Jordan Jesse Go! experience tonight at 7PM pacific, 10PM Eastern. We'll be joined by "The Man of 81 Voices" Al Madrigal and "Big Time" Gene O'Neill, plus special guests from the MaxFuniverse. We'll also be giving away an XBox 360 to a lucky viewer!

I have been asked to inform you that this episode IS CONSIDERED CANONICAL, so there's no excuse not to tune in right here at

See you tonight! (And in the meantime... DONATE!)

We're at 1035!


We're only 165 new donors short of our goal of 1200. Anticipation is building at MaxFun World HQ. I think we can blow the lid off of our goal in the last 36 hours of the drive. Let's go!

If you haven't become a donor, there isn't much time to do so and get our awesome thank-you gifts.

Ready... steady... GO!

80% of the way to our goal! 958 new donors!

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We've only got 242 new donors to go to reach our goal of 1200 donors. Thank you a thousand times over for your support, everyone!

If you haven't taken care of business yet... DO IT NOW!

And remember that our live show is coming Sunday night at 7 pacific, right here at

800 Donors! 400 To Go!


Our beautiful thermometer is filling up with, uhm, temperature mercury.

We're now 2/3 of the way to our goal of 1200 new donors... but with only FOUR DAYS LEFT, we need 100 donors each day to make our goal.

You should become a supporter NOW.

Our Pledge Drive Goals


Why are we even having a pledge drive?

I'll tell you why.

First of all, we want to increase the staff of The Sound of Young America. For the last three months, producer Julia Smith has been working full-time on the show. I've paid for 40% of her salary out of my own pocket. The extra time Julia's hard work affords me is the biggest reason I've been able to add Judge John Hodgman to our lineup. We need to raise money so Julia can have a full-time job at a reasonable wage.

Theoretically, The Sound of Young America editor Nick White works for us two days a week. The reality is that it's more like three, and even that's compressed. I want to hire him to work on The Sound four days a week, so we can have more highly-produced episodes like our interview with Mavis Staples last month.

Similarly, our costs in producing The Sound are increasing all the time. We've been running lots of comedy in the show the last year or so - something in almost every episode. We pay the people who write that material, and we pay for studios all over the world in which they're recorded. More and more, also, we have to book studios for Sound guests who aren't in Los Angeles. Two out of our four pledge drive episodes were taped in a studio we booked in New York, for example. We're also moving this month - we need more room to accommodate the four people who work in our office.

Theresa, our development director, has been working without a salary for about six months. She's a vital part of MaxFunCon, arranges all of our road shows, manages relations with donors and underwriters, and is generally indispensable. She needs to get paid for her work.

Speaking of getting paid for their work, we have a group of amazing podcasters who deserve to be paid more! We've been giving My Brother, My Brother and Me a monthly check, but it's for a modest amount that will be increased after the pledge drive. We also want to increase the monthly checks that Stop Podcasting Yourself and Jordan get. All of these folks are working incredibly hard, and they deserve to be compensated for their efforts.

We're making content that isn't designed as a wrapper for advertisements or as a lowest-common-denominator mass market product. We're making stuff that you care about and that we care about. I think it's worth your support.

Everything we do, we do because people like you donate. Thousands of them. I appreciate if you send us $200 a month, and I appreciate if you send us $2 a month. What's important to me is that if you like and care about the work we're doing, you give.

Do your part today, and see how great it feels.

516 Donors!

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We're now up to 516 new monthly donors!

With half our drive left, we're just short of halfway to our goal of 1200. Your help is needed. If you haven't given yet, give now. It's easy, fast and you'll feel FANTASTIC.

33% There!


I made this beautiful image of a thermometer (yes, that's a thermometer, not a weenis) to point out that we're well on our way to our goal of 1200 new donors!

Right now we're at 391, which is just south of 33%.

Become a donor now!

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