MaxFunDrive 2012

The MaxFunDrive is Over: Thank You!


Our thanks go out to the ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED NINETY FIVE new donors who signed up to support during our MaxFunDrive, to the thousands who already supported it and who increased their donations, to the hundreds who made challenge donations, and to everyone who spread the word and convinced a friend to support quality media.

You rule!

We're proud to be supported by people who love our work. And that's the truth, Ruth.

Thank you gifts will be mailed in approximately six to eight weeks. Please begin enjoying the warm feeling in your heart immediately.

Of course, even now that the pledge drive is over, you can donate anytime. Thank you!



We've just left our goal of 1000 new donors in the dust. How many new donors can we get in the last three days of our MaxFunDrive? Could we make it to 1500??

If you haven't already supported your favorite shows, do it now! There's no time to waste!

MaxFunDrive: 86%!


We're now up to EIGHT HUNDRED EIGHTY SIX new monthly donors in the 2012 MaxFunDrive.

The drive ends on Sunday, so get in on the sweet pledge drive action now before it's too late!

Original illustration by Jesse Thorn

39.6% of the way there!


Illustration by Mr. Jesse Thorn

We had a kick-ass day in the MaxFunDrive yesterday, and rocketed up to just shy of 40% of our goal!

If you haven't given already, give you old so and so!

And if you have: THANK YOU!

#MaxFunDrive: 22% of the way there!!


Illustration by Jesse Thorn

The Maximum Fun Drive is in full swing!

Our goal is 1000 new monthly donors to, and we're well on our way. As of this posting (Wednesday morning), we're at 216, or just a little under 22% of our goal! In addition, nearly 100 continuing donors have upped their donations!

A consortium of ONE HUNDRED existing monthly donors have also issued a challenge: for every new donor during the drive, they'll give a total of over SEVEN DOLLARS to Maximum Fun.

How could you not support something this awesome?

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