Ross and Carrie Color Their Minds: Right Brain Therapy Edition


A delightful and delighted Austin audience joins Ross and Carrie as they recount their unparalleled experience having a therapist analyze their brain maps to look for signs of repressed memory, trauma, homosexuality, and demons. You won't believe how this neuroimaging is collected and analyzed, not to mention what's special about the analyst. Like Ross' brain map, this episode is full of surprises, including an update on a lawsuit from Rythmia .

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Episode 12 Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone - Rock, and Rolling

Assal Habibi
Josh Mendoza
Amber Wyman

Ever wonder why the simple act of singing with someone feels good? Well, Science knows, and Science explains - in the form of our guest, USC research psychologist Assal Habibi. Then we hit the road with driving instructor Josh Mendoza to find out if anyone will ever fully unravel the mystery of the four-way stop (SPOILER ALERT: No.). Also, Paula’s “balloon animals” and more theme songs - including one that touts Paula’s genius and talent, and Adam’s... attendance.

House band
Amber Wyman, bassoon


Dr. Assal Habibi
Assistant Professor (Research) of Psychology, USC
Twitter: @AssalHabibi
FB: @AssalHabibi
Website: Assal Habibi

Josh Mendoza
Instructor, Melrose Driving School
Twitter: @drivingschoolla
IG: @melrosedrivingschool

FB: @MelroseDrivingSchoolLosAngeles

Amber Wyman
IG: @ajoy2urworld
FB: @Amber Joy Wyman

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