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CIPYD 172: New Year, New Lawsuits, and New Dog Tech


Hello Everyone! Welcome to 2019! We're kicking the year off strong with plenty of dogs!

This week, we get to hear all about a new dog-petter Renee and Tug met all while she was holding chicken! Alexis's family dog Rabbit is getting old and LOVING it, find out why! We've got breaking news about dog ears AND some future dog tech we can't wait to order! 

All that and more! Tune in with a Terrier!

CIPYD 76: Black Mouth Cur


Welcome! How’s it going?

A new episode is ready for a new year! We’ve got a Dogs We Met This Week with a dog in the room! Captain hangs out while we chat about him and contemplate whether or not dogs dig wearing sunglasses! We’ve got a Mutt Minute on the Black Mouth Cur and, SPOILER, that’s Old Yeller! We have a special Hero Dog segment about Diabetic Alert Dogs, a friend and a hero all in one! We have a tribute to Carrie Fisher and chat about her wonderful dog Gary. Plus, We’ve got a Pinned Post you won’t want to miss!

Grab a Golden Doodle and enjoy!

Check out The Diabetic Alert Dogs of America website for more information!

Leave us a voicemail with your Dog Victories and Dogsasers at (323) 250 - 3315!

Too much pressure leaving a voicemail? We get it. Send us an email instead at!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 358: Sleazy Like Sunday Morning with Gene O'Neill

Gene O'Neill

Big Time Gene O'Neill joins Jordan and Jesse to celebrate the new year by christening a new catchphrase. Plus, Jesse gets a new calendar and Gene has some resolutions.

Action Item:

• Send in your t-shirt ideas for 2015: Sleazy Like Sunday Morning

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