Judge John Hodgman Episode 327: Little Weirdsies


This week, Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn clear the docket, with the help of Guest Deputy Judge Linda Holmes! The tribunal rules on disputes regarding drinking old water, potlucks, flaky friends and more!

Here is the Byrd Theatre's Litter PSA in full!

Thank you, Teresa for sending this our way!

Huge thanks to Linda Holmes for joining us this week! NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour is available wherever you download podcasts! She's on Twitter @nprmonkeysee. She will also be joining Judge John Hodgman in conversation in Washington DC on October 28th as part of the Vacationland book tour. Visit JohnHodgman.com/tour for more info!

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Judge John Hodgman Ep. 16: The Potluck Problem

Judge John Hodgman

Two best friends disagree on the morality of the potluck. One says it's a great opportunity for everyone to pitch in. One says it's a sign of a host who's abdicated responsibility for the party. Only one man can decide who's right.

To view the evidence for this case, CLICK HERE.

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