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The Public Radio Talk Show Handbook

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The Public Radio Program Directors association has put together a really useful guidebook on how to make a local public radio talk show.

I know, you don't work for a public radio station, and don't aspire to make such a show.

However: I know many of you are podcasters, or are interested in local media. The guide is every bit as useful to you as it would be to a local public radio station.

It covers everything from pre-show prep to hosting to "formatics".

An invaluable tool if you're interested in making high-quality audio.

Sly Stone was on Morning Becomes Eclectic?


Holy shit!

A new way to fundraise...


It turns out we're not the only ones using video for our fundraising these days.

This video was produced for Chicago's WBEZ by WBEZ employee and Schadenfreude member Justin Kaufman. Looks like BEZ is trying to raise money Obama-style -- with a broader, younger group of donors, $20 at a time.

How hilarious is MaxFun booster Peter Sagal in this vid? Answer: very. Like a joke-obsessed puppy dog.

Sometimes folks in the public radio establishment get nervous as more and more shows and show-producing stations do direct fundraising. I think that giving breeds giving. Once you figure out how good it feels to support your favorite shows, it's that much easier to support your favorite stations.

I know in the past year or two I've given to KCRW, WBAI (to support my pal Jay Smooth), WFMU (ditto Tom Scharpling), WNYC (On the Media! Radiolab!) and BEZ (This American Life!). While I sometimes sent some money to KPOO back home in the Bay, I now find myself giving more than ever, and feeling great about it.

I hope you'll give to your local public radio station. They really do need your help now more than ever.

Swamp Dogg on Studio 360


Our pal Swamp Dogg on our pal Kurt Andersen's great show Studio 360.

Chris Ware for This American Life


Quimby The Mouse from This American Life on Vimeo.

Real American Hero Chris Ware made this cartoon for the live This American Life that ran in movie theaters a week or so ago. Give its creator, you will not by surprised to learn that it is A) spectacularly beautiful and B) heartrendingly sad.

If you missed the first showing, it will run again in theaters on May 7th.

Fresh Air Rock Historian Ed Ward: National Treasure (for Germany, I guess)

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If Fresh Air's rock historian, Ed Ward, didn't live in Berlin, I'd say he was a national treasure.

His pieces are consistently insightful and full of great music. If NPR's treatment of baby boomer stuff was always this good, I'd be on board 1000%. I think the greatest sign of the quality of his pieces is how much I enjoy the ones on kinds of music I don't care for at all. And the ones on music I *do* like are double awesome.

Check out this recent piece on Westbound Records, the Detroit label that spawned Funkadelic, among others.

And of course, anyone who dedicates eight minutes of national radio to the great Swamp Dogg is a national treasure in my book!

PS: Dear NPR web gurus, I presume based on reviews that your API is super cool and all, but can we get an embeddable audio players? Love, Jesse

Jesse and the Nieman Journalism Lab


Last month, I had a long chat with Joshua Benton, a blogger for the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard. Josh was very familiar with The Sound, and wanted to know what I think about the future of journalism.

Of course, I barely think of myself as a journalist -- pseudo-journalist and entertainer seem like better fits -- but I've carved my own corner of the media world the hard way, so I was glad to share some of what I've learned.

Josh introduced this interview in this post. The rest of the interview is posted below, with links to the blog, which has transcripts (that embarrassingly include every "like" I uttered).

Part one: "Anything I can do to make a more profound connection with my audience is my job."

Part 2: "On the future of radio and the benefits of being small."

Part 3: "On gathering your online audience in the real world."

Terry O'Reilly, host of the CBC's The Age of Persuasion: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Terry O'Reilly

Terry O'Reilly is an adman. He's the founder of Pirate Toronto, a leading audio advertising firm, and has been a judge of radio advertising at the Clio and Cannes advertising awards. When he's not marketing, he's talking about marketing on his CBC radio show, The Age of Persuasion, which looks at the history and practice of advertising. We talk with Terry about why ads matter, what we should understand about ads and whether ads, ultimately, are a net good in our society.

If you enjoyed this show, try these:
Ira Glass
Radiolab's Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich
Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield from On the Media

On the Media Hosts Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield: Interview on The Sound of Young America


Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield are the hosts of On the Media, a media criticism show produced by WNYC and distributed by National Public Radio. Their show takes as its mandate the world of media, which they define broadly to include everything from newspapers to standup comedy. Gladstone and Garfield ask tough questions of media moguls, media makers and government officials every week, and seek to fill in holes in our mediated understanding of the world. They're funny, too.

If you enjoyed this show, try these:
Ira Glass
Radiolab's Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich
WFMU's Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman

Jordan Jesse Go Ep. 94: Visionary with Kurt Andersen

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Kurt Andersen, author and host of Studio 360, joins us for a wide-ranging discussion, including disastrous restaurants and Sega Saturn.

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