Judge John Hodgman Episode 308: Live From Washington DC

Ray Suarez
Dom Flemons Trio

"Rabius Corpus" and Swift Justice taped in front of a live audience at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC on September 21, 2016. Plus, Sean and Jamie from Episode 194 "Do You Want to Hoard Some Snowglobes?" return with more Frozen-related justice. We also hear from Ray Suarez with an expert testimony and music from the Dom Flemons Trio!

For info on Dom Flemons' tour dates, music and more, visit TheAmericanSongster.com! Ray Suarez is on Twitter @RaySuarezNews and Linda Holmes, who introduced the live show for us, is @nprmonkeysee. You can also catch Linda on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Click here to check out Pumpkin the Raccoon's Instagram account, as referenced in "Rabius Corpus." Evidence from that case and the Chicken Pot Pie Swift Justice dispute are below:

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 220: Good Time Summertime Docket Clearin'


Judge Hodgman is assisted by Summertime Bailiff Monte Belmonte, taking on questions of broccoli-chomping, accidental raccoonslaughter, game night disputes, and the best construction of jokes.

You can find some of the suggestions mentioned for Great Balls of Ire here.

You can follow our fantastic Summer Bailiff Monte Belmonte and listen to him on WRSI 93.9 The River!


Text of Lisa's email and response from Hasbro is below.

Subject: Determination needed on Taboo rule re: 'form or part of a word'

Hi Customer Service Team!

During a recent game of Taboo, the game dissolved into chaos due to different interpretations of this rule:

"No form or part of ANY word printed on the card may be given as a clue. Examples: If the Guess Word is PAYMENT, "pay" cannot be given as a clue. If DRINK is a TABOO word, "drunk" cannot be give as a clue. If SPACESHIP is the Guess Word, you can't use "space" or "ship" as a clue."

The quarrel is over what counts as a 'form' or 'part' of a word. In this specific instance, the Guess Word on the card drawn was PEN. The Clue-giver used the word PENCIL, which was not one of the TABOO words on the card.

The opposing team immediately declared it a taboo, arguing that the word 'PEN' is part of the word 'PENCIL'.

The other team argued that the word PEN does not appear in PENCIL, but that the letter sequence P-E-N happens to repeat. The words 'pen' and 'pencil' are not etymologically related, since they derive from two different Latin root words. The opposing team was asked if they would have called taboo if the word OPEN was used by the clue giver, which also contains the letter sequence P-E-N. This team argued that it would not be a taboo if the Clue-Giver said the word AND in a case where the Guess Word was CANDLE or ANDROID.

The opposing team came back and said that PEN and PENCIL are associationally related, so the examples given above don't count.

Who is correct?

I look forward to your response.

Response By Email (Mike) (05/18/2015 02:42 PM)

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for contacting Hasbro regarding Taboo.

I'm pleased to reply. The second team, who were relying on the etymological reasoning, is correct.

Again, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

I hope you have a fun day!

Kind regards,

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