Ross and Carrie and Stephen Get Smudged: House Blessing Edition


Your favorite weirdos, Ross and Carrie, make a trip to Nashville to participate in the first-ever PodX, but not before stopping by to see the magnificent Stephen Mason, of Christian band Jars of Clay, and his family. Ross, Carrie, a Reiki Master, a Christian rockstar, three Brits and a potentially clairvoyant child slowly sweep the house with spells and scents, banning all bad energy from the Mason house, and filling it with blessings and virtue. Plus, Stephen wows the audience with song.

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Ross and Carrie Creep People Out: Reiki Test Edition


In this special in-studio test episode, we meet the charming and hilarious Lindsay Pavlas of Maximum Fun fame. While Lindsay rattles off her ailments, Ross and Carrie each give her a reiki treatment and then make her guess which of them secretly got certified as a reiki healer. Can she tell the difference? Is the healing energy real? Who shot JR? Find out most of these things in this very special episode!

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