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Actor Patrick Warburton: Interview on The Sound Of Young America

Patrick Warburton

If you don't immediately recognize his name, you will undoubtedly know his voice. Patrick Warburton, at one point in the 80s and 90s, appeared in almost every popular television program running. From guest appearances on Northern Exposure and Murphy Brown to more regular characters on NewsRadio and Dave's World. His most popular character is arguably David Puddy on Seinfeld, whose persona he created in a read-through.

Patrick's style and on-screen persona literally cornered the market on the meat-headed wrench monkey and was even able to take this delivery to Disney as the character 'Kronk' in The Emperor's New Groove. The animation world would also use Patrick's unique and immediately recognizable voice in hit shows like Archer, Family Guy and The Venture Brothers.

Not a bad career span for someone who really, just wanted to surf Newport swells and maybe study marine-biology.

You can catch Patrick co-starring along with David Spade in the CBS Prime Time show Rules of Engagement, Thursdays at 8:30/ 7:30c. He's also the voice of the totally irreverent, totally inappropriate late night talk show host on Crackle's new series Effin with Tonight.

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