Seventh Day Adventist

Ross and Carrie Do It Over (Part 2): Solved Mysteries Edition


Ross and Carrie share more memories and updates on their investigations over the years. They find out just how tainted Carrie’s Purium was, get an update on their Seventh Day Adventist pal, Dave, hear from Mad Mike Hughes about his rocket launch, and bring you up to speed on the Flex Belt, Ordo Templi Orientis, and more. Plus, did Carrie’s mom solve an Unsolved Mystery? Did she bring back See’s Candies’ tins? Only Warrant Buffett can say.

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Ross and Carrie Meet David Steward: Seventh Day Adventist Edition


The apocalypse. The Antichrist. Satan. Hell. If you listened to our Amazing Facts investigation, you know that those seminars focus on some pretty brutal topics. So we're pleased to bring you this interview with Amazing Facts instructor David Steward, the most mild-mannered guy who ever warned you about the Antichrist. He graciously accepted our invitation to discuss his seminars, some Seventh Day Adventist theology, Ross' newfound vegetarianism, and our approach to investigating religions. Join us for a very special and not-at-all kooky episode.

Ross and Carrie Await the End Times (Part 5): The End Is Here


Things get exciting at Amazing Facts, as our faithful teachers finally admit what we've suspected all along: that they are here to bring us into their particular branch of Seventh Day Adventism, complete with end-times prophecy, vegetarianism, and an admonition against jewelry. Cringe along as Carrie, Ross, and their friend Jim awkwardly decline to join the remnant church. Plus, Ross takes the guys on a tour of Disney Animation Studios, before finding out that Disney is actually teaching kids to disobey all that is good and holy. And we invite David on the show! It's our final Amazing Facts episode, and it's a doozy!

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