Can I Pet Your Dog?

CIPYD 188: A Salute to Allegra and a Hello to Crumb


Hi friends!
Get ready for a roller coaster of an episode. First of all, we ALL have dog updates! Alexis fills us in on Crumb and his newest adventures. Renee tells us the inside scoop on Tug as an office dog. Plus, Allegra has started a new trainer with Pistachio. Then of course we have our GIANT salute to Allegra. Of course there is laughter and of course there is crying. Thank you everyone for reaching out with your sweet words!

CIPYD 187: New Pups and a Fond Farewell


Today’s show begins with a bit of an announcement...Our sweet Legs is leaving the show. Next week will be her last episode with us, which gives us one week to let her know how much a love and adore her! Please send your 10 second audio recording of your favorite Legs quotes, episodes and memories to BUT!!! We’ve also got some really exciting news! Alexis is going to be the new co-host of of CIPYD and possibly has a new pup herself!

Tune in to hear the full scoop!

CIPYD 186: Renegade Crafts and Dog Sleepovers


Hi there! This week we've got a spectacular episode for you! Renee needs some etiquette help with Tug after visiting a craft fair! Got any tips? We have some dog science on sleepovers! Plus, we have a little dog debate on the happiness levels of pet owners!

Tune in!

CIPYD 185: Dog Taxes and Alison Agosti

Alison Agosti

Well hello there!
This week we've got a spectacular episode for ya! Renee met a dog petter who will drop anything to pet a good pup. We've got some possible suggestions for dog based tax write offs (Reminder - We are not accountants)! Plus, the very funny Alison Agosti (Brooklyn 99, Late Nite with Seth Meyers) joins us to talk all about her sweet pup!

Squeeze a shaggy dog and tune in!

CIPYD 184: Dog Sitting and Science Tails


First of all, THANK YOU for your support through the MaxFun Drive! We love you!
This week we've got some very fun news about the California Science Center! We don't want to give too much away, but start packing your bags because it's worth a trip! Alexis tells us all about dog sitting sweet Lou! Plus, we have a great Facebook Thread and a My Mutt Minute!

Shake a Schnauzer and tune in!

CIPYD 183: Maximum Updates and Travis McElroy Returns!

Travis McElroy

Welcome to week two of Max Fun Drive! We are so grateful for your support, we genuinely have the best listeners in the world. If you would like to become a member head on over to Treat yourself to some Bonus Content!

This week we've brought back the Produfus himself, Travis McElroy! Travis is here to update us on all things Buttercup AND tell us all about his new dog Lily! You definitely don't want to miss it! We've also got some fun pupdates and a great My Mutt Minute!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

CIPYD 182: MaxFun Drive and Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian

Happy Max Fun Drive!

That's right! Now is the time for you to show your support for the shows you LOVE! We can't thank you enough! If you want to donate please visit

On top of the drive we have the BEST guest this week! Jackie Kashian, brilliant stand up and co-host of The Jackie and Laurie show is here to tell us all about her pups and some fantastic dog-movie reviews. We also have a hilarious Facebook thread and a My Mutt Minute!

Donate! Listen! Enjoy!

CIPYD 181: Pupdates and Pup-Debates


We've sprung forward in time and we're having a good time!
This week we've got some updates about the work dogs in our lives from Renee and Allegra. We have some very exciting dog news! Plus, we have a dog debate - do YOUR dog's paws smell good?

Reach for a Retriever and tune in!

CIPYD 180: Mardi Gras Dogs and Pet Sitting Stories


Hello dog wanters and hello dog havers!

Happy Mardi Gras! This week we're going through all the themes of the Mardi Gras Dog parade through the years! We also share YOUR pet sitting Dog Victories and Dogsasters! Plus, we have a new Listener of the month, could it be you? Find out!

Stop reading this and tune in!

CIPYD 179: Alie Ward and Dog Mode

Alie Ward

Hello friends!

All three of us are back from vacation with a stellar episode for you! We've got a very cool Dog Tech about some new cars with a a dog friendly function! We also have a fantastic My Mutt Minute, perhaps our new favorite? Last but not least, ALIE WARD IS HERE! She's the host of the science-comedy podcast Ologies, so get ready to fall in love with a WONDERFUL dog wanter!

Grab a Goldendoodle and tune in!

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