Can I Pet Your Dog?

CIPYD 139: Martha Kelly and the Estrela Mountain Dog

Martha Kelly

Hello sweet listeners!

We have such a fun show for you this week! Allegra tells us all about an incredible sled dog she met this week. Allegra also tells us all about the Estrela Mountain dog in Mutt Minute. The very funny Martha Kelly (Baskets) is here to tell us all about her wonderful rescue dog Rosie. Plus, we've got a very cute facebook post that will melt your heart!

The maximum fun Drive was a huge success and we can't thank you enough! We have the worlds best listeners!

Tune in!

CIPYD 138: John Levenstein and the Eurasier

John Levenstein


We're coming out a day early to give you extra time to participate in the drive! Just head over to THANK YOU SO MUCH!

This week we've got the hilarious and dog lovin' - John Levenstein who you know from shows such as Baskets and Arrested Development! We also have a Mutt Minute on the Eurasier! Plus, some important Dachshund dog news!

Pet a poodle and tune in!

CIPYD 137 - Elizabeth Hackett and the Drever

Elizabeth Hackett


This week we have the wonderful writer Elizabeth Hackett in the studio with her perfect dog Chance. We also have a Mutt Minute on the Drever! Spoiler: Very short legs, very cute! Plus, Renee tells us about some great dogs she met this week.
FINALLY! It's the MAX FUN DRIVE! Now is the BEST time to support the podcasts you love so head on over to! Thank you! We have the best listeners in the world!

Cuddle a Collie and tune in!

CIPYD 135: Alison Bennett and the Cane Corso

Alison Bennett

This week, Allegra triumphs AGAIN by remembering to write down the dog she met this week. We have an exciting Italian Mutt Minute on the Cane Corso. We also have some puzzling potentially cool Dog Tech. Plus, the very funny and talented, Alison Bennet is here to tell us all about her dog Rhoda!

Sit on a sofa with a Spaniel and tune in!

CIPYD 136: Wedding Pups and the Danish-Swedish Farmdog


Happy Max Fun Drive Eve!

We have our air horns and trumpets and we’re ready to celebrate! But not yet. We still have one week to go. This week Renee tells ya all about being a dog wrangler in a wedding, plus she’s got some fun info on the Danish-Swedish farmdog in today’s Mutt Minute. Allegra has some really cool dog news/science. And both Renee and Allegra have shaming dogsasters.

Grab an air horn and an Ariedale and tune in!

CIPYD 134: Anne Wheaton and Dogs in Food

Anne Wheaton

Hello and welcome! We have a very exciting show for you today. Allegra tells us about a very enthusiastic pair of dogs she met. Renee has a Mutt Minute about the Caucasian Shepherd (spoiler: they're gigantic). Allegra introduces a new segment to tell us about Dogs in Food, the best Instagram ever. Plus, our friend Anne Wheaton is back to tell us about her adorable new children's book, Piggy and Pug.

Put your dog in some food and tune in!

CIPYD 133: David Huntsberger Returns and the Brittany

David Huntsberger

Hello and welcome to another episode of CIPYD! Tugboat is bringing home sticks with absolutely no help or encouragement from Renee. Legs has everything you need to know on the Britney in today’s Mutt Minute. Barbra Streisand cloned her dead dog...twice. AND favorite guest David Huntsberger is back as a DOG HAVER! Grab a stick and a dog to hold that stick and ENJOY!

CIPYD 132: Helpful Collies and the Barbet


Hello there! We hope you're enjoying your February and hope you got the full amount of dog pets in despite it being a short month. This week, Allegra tells us all about two dogs she met and remembers BOTH of their names. Renee tells us all about the Barbet in Mutt Minute. Plus! We have some very good Dog News about Border Collies saving the world.

Hug a hound and tune in!

CIPYD 131: The CIPYD Call-In Episode


Hello and welcome to a very special episode! We took YOUR calls and got to hear all about your dogs. Tune in! Thank you to everyone who called us!

CIPYD 130: Valentine's Day with Jenny Jaffe & Mike Levine"

Jenny Jaffe
Mike Levine

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVE! Will you be our Valentine? (And while we're at it, will you also be cool when we can only remember the name of ONE of the dogs we met this week? Awesome. You're the best.) We have the Affenpinscher for this week's mutt minute. AND! We have power couple Jenny Jaffe and Mike Levine here to tell us all about their amazing pup Spoof, who is truly a contender for the world's cutest dog. Grab your dog/valentine and tune in!

Plus, don't forget to mark your calendars: we're taking your calls for our call-in show on February 17th at 2pm PST! Call us at 323-250-3315 to tell us all about your dogs!

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