Can I Pet Your Dog?

CIPYD 128: Puppy Bowl XIV and the Chinook


Hello! We hope you're having a great day! In this week's episode, we have lots of antidotes to the late winter blues. We have an inspiring story about Pancho the gorgeous fat Chihuahua, and a Mutt Minute about the rare Chinook. Renee wonders about how to have an uncomfortable talk with Tugboat, and we discuss the lineup of the upcoming Puppy Bowl AND its brand new counterpart, the Dog Bowl. Grab a Great Dane and tune in!

Plus, don't forget to mark your calendars: we're taking your calls for our call-in show on February 17th at 2pm PST! Call us at 323-250-3315 to tell us all about your dogs!

CIPYD 127: Small Victories and the Pumi


Hello! And welcome to another episode of CIPYD. Listen, it's after the holidays, statistically things *should* be blue, but not in CIPYD land where we have pups galore to keep morale tip top. Renee met (and Tugboat hopped over) an Australian Shepard in Dogs We Met This Week. We discuss the Pumi in Mutt Minute which was surprisingly was suggested by Renee's childhood buddy, Jenna. Legs has a fantastic dog victory with Pistachio. And, the CIPYD facebook page takes over the world in today's Dog News. Pull up with a Pumi and enjoy!

CIPYD 126: Lauren Reeves and the Azawakh

Lauren Reeves

Hello there!
How are you? Is that a new shirt? It looks great!

This week Renee tells us all about the dog/bear she met at the dog park and reveals some shocking thoughts on cats! Allegra tells us all about the elegant Azawakh in Mutt Minute. Plus, get ready to fall in love with the hilarious Lauren Reeves as we hear all about her perfect dog.

Boop a beagle and tune in!

CIPYD 125: Travis McElroy and The Borzoi

Travis McElroy

Hello and welcome to a very special episode of CIPYD! Our old prodoofus is back, and we forced him to produce this episode as well as guest on it. Travis and Allegra both have excellent dogs they met this week, and Renee has a Mutt Minute on the Borzoi. Allegra reports on the holiday dogsaster that Renee saved her from, and Renee tells us about Tugboat and Pistachio's budding "friendship." And of course, we get a Buttercupdate from Travis, who fills us in on the latest between Buttercup and her baby sister Bebe. Tame a tiny terrier and tune in!

CIPYD 124: Ben Harrison and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Ben Harrison

Happy New Year! We're ringing in 2018 with an episode that's only slightly off the rails. Legs met not one but two dogs that she thinks Renee will really like. Will Renee like them? You must tune in to find out. Plus, we have a Mutt Minute on the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and New Year's resolutions for our dogs. Last but not least, guest Ben Harrison from the podcast The Greatest Generation is here to tell us about his dog Darwin! Grab a New Year's Newfoundland and tune in!

CIPYD 123: Rottweilers and Doggie Day Care


Ho Ho Ho, Merry Dog-mas! We're so happy to have you home for the holidays! Take your coat off and stay awhile as we tell you all about the Rottweiler in today's mutt minute. Renee's got an update on Tugboat's new paradise doggie daycare, and Allegra gives us the dish on the CIPYD Facebook group's Secret Santa game. Spoiler: it is sweet as h*ck!

Pour some nog, grab a dog and snuggle on in!

CIPYD 122: Brussels Griffon and Blake the Dog


Hi there friend!

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Did you remember to get something for your dog? Your favorite crazy aunts are here to help you through the crazy holiday season! This episode, we learn all about the Brussels Griffon in Mutt Minute. Allegra tells us all about the cool new dog she met named Blake! Plus, some very important dog science on the intelligence of cats and dogs.

Grab a Griffon and tune in!

CIPYD 121: Tom Clark and the Curly Coated Retriever

Tom Clark

Happy howlidays!

It's officially December, and we're getting excited. We have some dog updates from Allegra's neighborhood, plus some very significant humans that Tug met this week. Renee has a Mutt Minute on the Curly Coated Retriever, and Allegra welcomes the holiday season with her favorite topic: holiday dogsasters from our listeners. Plus, we have guest Tom Clark, a comedian and Bulldog lover who has a new special coming out December 8th. Grab a Christmas canine and tune in!

Order Tom's stand up special here:

CIPYD 120: Keeshonds and Ear Tufts


Well hello!
And welcome to another episode of Can I Pet Your Dog? We've got a humdinger for ya. Legs is covering the Keeshond in today's mutt minute. The dog park detectives are on the case of Tugboat and his mysterious ears tuffs. And Renee has a few dog heroes that are fun, but definitely don't outshine Allegra's annual dog hero story last week. Cuddle up with a cup of coco, extra marshmallows and a malamute!

CIPYD 119: The Finnish Spitz and the Annual Retelling of Kelsey the Dog Hero


Hello and happy almost-Thanksgiving! We’re getting into the holiday spirit, and frankly, things are getting wild. Allegra met a puppy who she thinks she can use to her benefit, and Tugboat has pulled a new con on Renee. Plus, we have a Mutt Minute on the Finnish Spitz, and Allegra has a dog hero that she may or may not have talked about before, but if she did, it’s only because it’s our annual holiday retelling of it, so don’t tweet at her.
Grab a holiday hound and tune in!

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