The Greatest Discovery

The Greatest Discovery Ep 57: Ketracel Thicc with J.K. Woodward


When Ben and Adam take a trip to the city of sin to infiltrate Big Rod's Star Trek Vegas, they only have a small idea of what was in store for them. But when greeted almost immediately by the talented J.K. Woodward it's time to grab a hoof and record some pod. What updates to the Mirror Universe can J.K. tell us? How many Vulcans fit in a swimming pool? Is anyone in the building participating in jamaharon or just craps?

It's the episode that keeps the lights on 24 hours a day!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 56: Deus Ex Mendez (TOS S1E13)


When #SDCC falls in the middle of the TGD recap of The Menagerie, it's time to switch things up and mind-control the release dates. Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks and Disco season 3 in the near future it's time to talk trek, both old and new. Did Adam receive insider info while in San Diego? Can one podcast feed fit three shows? Where is Admiral Mendez now?

It's the episode that releases the info to the masses!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 55: Streisand-Effecting the Planet (TOS S1E12)


When a private sub-space message is "delivered" to the Enterprise, Kirk and Co. make their way to Star Base 11. But when Spock takes this opportunity to abduct captain Pike and the ship, there's no TAL-ing what can happen. Is this Spock from an alternate Trek timeline? Will Bones address the elephant on the bridge? Can Pike scratch that itch?

It's the episode that doesn't say "fire" but leaves it's finger on the button.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 54: Hot Bunkin' It (TOS 001)


When in recovery mode after a battle on Rigel VII, Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise try to avoid the 18 year-old distress call from the Talos Region. But when Spock interrupts a martini meeting between Pike and Boyce it's time to gather a team and Time-Warp again! Will Pike survive the thoughts of Talosians? Will Vina be there if Pike returns? Despite all his rage, is Pike just a rat in a cage?

It's the episode that gives you a beginning, but not before showing you the end!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 53: Arching Piece of Wood (A Tale of Two Cities - TNG Fan Edit)


When the crew of the Entrepreneur find a hidden casket containing what seems to Tasha Yar, everyone immediately puts their guard up. But when it's discovered that this may not be the Yar-iginal, it's time to make the bed and figure out why this porno makes so much TNG sense! Are the beds that big on the original D? Have these actors continued to hone their craft? Will we ever get a sequel?

It's the episode that is way better than you'd expect!

Watch A Tale of Two Cities

The Greatest Discovery Ep 52: Like a Doggy on a Couch (Star Trek: Discovery Annual 2019: Captain Saru Part 2)


When the crew is in distress and there doesn't seem to be any solutions, it's time for our Discovery team to think outside the cell. But when Saru sneaks around in the shadows, some heads get knocked and some heroes are saved. Will Saru ever be permanent captain? Did they stop by Risa before running into the Enterprise? What type of shoes does Saru wear?

It's the episode that comes but once a year!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 51: Anus Tar Trek (Star Trek: Discovery Annual 2019: Captain Saru)


When the Discovery receives a distress call. It’s up to Ganglia-full Saru to lead a crew against a surprising threat. But when Tilly comes in with a warning message, it's time to beam-down and investigate. Are Ba'ul lurking behind the corners? Did Michael secretly wish to be captain? Who's the mystery crew-person?

It's the episode that comes once a year, but not before having its blueberries.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 50: Spock Teased (Season 2 Wrap-up)


With mere hours left before auto-renewal updates the CBS All Access Red Angel suit, The Greatest Discovery hosts binge the entire second season. But when Adam and Ben record a new episode, we find out what moments grabbed the time crystal and what segments were lost with Airiam. Have we seen the last of May Ahearn? Will season three explain Calypso? What does spore-drive technology look like in the future?

It’s the season that reunites you with an old friend just before shooting you into the future!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 49: Travel Poops (S2E14)


When the Disco is back to back with The Entrepreneur, they may be outnumbered by more than 31 ships. But when Burnham gets the angel-suit working, it's time for her and Spock to connect the dots and start season 2. How far into the future did Disco leap? Is Number One a legal name? Will we see more Spock?

It's the episode that knows what we want, and offers it at a competitive subscription price!

The Greatest Discover Ep 48: Big Science Energy (S2E13)


While mid-evacuation, Michael Burnham decides to break the cardinal rule of time crystals. But when the evacuation fails, it's time to seek out the knowledge of the Short Treks. What does the future hold? Will the last beacon reveal itself? Does this new wormhole also have prophets?

It's the episode that takes a captain, but won't give you a new one!

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