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#183 - Best Conspiracy Theory with Adam Busch

Adam Busch

The truth is out there. The moon landing was faked. The Illuminati is real. For as long as we've been able to reason, humankind has spread elaborate conspiracy theories, and in this episode, we help our guest Adam Busch pick the best one.

#182 - Best John Hughes Movie


The influence of John Hughes on film continues to be felt; for a man who only directed 8 movies, his writing and producing extended his legacy to a suite of movies that are almost unparalleled, from angsty teen dramadies to screwball road comedies and a lot in between, the work of John Hughes holds up today because of the universal themes he dealt with.

Unfortunately, only one of his films can be the best, and Mark and Hal are here to pick it.

#181 - Best Pizza Topping Combination


It's easier to get people to agree on politics than it is to get them to settle on which toppings to put on a pizza. Thankfully, Hal's bland palette and Mark's bizarre palette combine to form a Voltron of flavor resulting in the ultimate decision to this age-old quandary.

#180 - Best Late Night Talk Show Host


Mark and Hal go through 60-plus years of late night talk shows to find the best host of all time!

#179 - Best Cookie


Mark makes a surprise visit back to L.A., where he and Hal talk about a topic near and dear to both of their hearts: What IS the best cookie?

#178 - Shoes, Sneakers, or Boots


Mark and Hal sit down back in L.A. (surprise!) to talk footwear.

#177 - Clean Slate XIII LIVE from Philadelphia


Recorded at the Philly Improv Theater as part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, Mark and Hal clean the slate with a series of mini-topics, some of which Hal may have picked with some bias.

#176 - Vanilla or Chocolate


While fighting through a nasty case of Pancake Leg, Hal and Mark sit down in Philadelphia to settle this classic debate once and for all.

#175 - Best State


In an episode that's sure to anger everyone not from the winner, Mark and Hal tiptoe through the nation to pick the best State!

#174 - Best 80s Cartoon LIVE from Philadelphia

Photo by Tim VanVranken

Recorded live at the Philly Improv Theater as part of the 2018 Philadelphia Podcast Festival, Mark and Hal revisit their youth as they determine the best cartoon from the 1980s!

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