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Judge John Hodgman Episode 363: Eminent Bromain


Theresa brings the case against her brother, Paul. Paul insists on referring to her childhood bedroom as the "Guest Room." But Theresa thinks it should still be called "Theresa's Room." Who's right, who's wrong?



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Judge John Hodgman Episode 35: Unbanded Brothers


We are assisted by the guest bailiff stylings, chosen especially for this case, of Monte Belmonte. Monte hosts a very popular morning radio show at 93.9 The River in Northampton, Massachusetts. We very much appreciate his musical expertise and fine baliffing.

Jack brings this case against his brother and bandmate Jeff. They play together on albums and on tour as The Jeffrey Lewis Band. Jack had requested several days off on their upcoming European tour to attend a friend's wedding, which seemed unprofessional to his older brother Jeff.

Who is "the boss" of the band? Was Jack right to ask to schedule the band's tourdates around his own schedule? These questions, and more, answered by the Honorable Judge John Hodgman.

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 12: You Say Martucci, I Say Martucci


Sisters Carol and Michelle have a disagreement over the pronunciation of their last name, Martucci. Carol believes in the traditional Italian "Mar-too-CHEE" and Michelle thinks it honors their grandfather to pronounce the name in his preferred fashion, "Mar-too-SEE". To restore a unified family front, they seek a ruling from the Judge John Hodgman.

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Carol's evidence for the case can be found after the jump.

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