Pop Rocket Ep. 181 Unplugged: Declaring Independence from Glowing Screens

Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Margaret Wappler
Karen Tongson

This week, Guy Branum, Margaret Wappler and Karen Tongson are declaring their independence from screens, push notifications and batteries. That’s right, it’s all about the pop culture that you’ll still be able to experience after the grid goes down.

Margaret is all about The Moment app which displays just how much time you spend on your phone every day, which she hopes will help keep her phone out of her motherhood. Karen is all about LeBron James being signed to the LA Lakers and everyone celebrating something good finally happening for the Lakers. Guy is all about the Amazon Prime movieThe Little Hours which features plenty of effective comedy and just the right amount of Aubrey Plaza.

The group will take an extensive look at modern media that doesn’t require a screen; everything from drawing, tarot cards, The Joy of Cooking, the card game Set and so much more

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With Karen Tongson, Guy Branum and Margaret Wappler.

That’s My Jam:

Margaret - My Bathroom Is a Private Kind of Place.

Karen - 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days

Guy - Betty Who - Taste.

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Produced by Laura Swisher for Edited by Julian Burrell.

Tights and Fights Bonus Ep. 10: Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson on GLOW season 2

Rebekka Johnson and Kimmy Gatewood
Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford

Before their back on Netflix in GLOW, Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson are BACK in the Nation of Conversation!

They chat with Hal and Danielle all about what will change with the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in the second season, how the show has been a huge hit with WWE women wrestlers like Natalia, Charlotte Flair and more, what it's like to get actual injuries from wrestling and how they keep their wardrobe fresh as they tour the press junkets around the country.

Plus Kimmy and Rebekka will have a bit of fun at the expense of our hosts as Hal and Danielle get an up-close and personal look at the Beatdown Biddies in action.

Season 2 of GLOW premiers on Netflix on June 29th!

Hosted by Hal Lublin and Danielle Radford.

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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