Get Your Tambourine! (Black People and Horror Movies, Election Cycle Tips 2020, Kamala Harris, and Women's March)

Minority Korner

Nnekay and James are a splashing around in the giggle pool reminiscing about Nnekay's wild weekend- first a guest spot on the live taping of Judge John Hodgeman at the legendary Castro Theater! Then a baby shower for what James' dubs The Bay Area's Baby! James managed to help plan the shower from across the country because that's what friends are for (Thanks Dionne). Next Up- We got a little incident of trolling going on James' facebook page, mostly surrounding Kamala Harris and her Presidential Bid... by you guessed it- Nnekay. The wonder twins break down what happened and how we got to that point. In the Korners- Nnekay talks about Black People in horror movies. Some good, some bad, some are Candyman. James then helps us all with some tips on how to survive and THRIVE this next Election Cycle of 2020. We also talk Martin Luther King Jr. and Spike Lee.


Switchblade Sisters Episode 56: 'Funny Games' with 'The Long Dumb Road' Director Hannah Fidell

April Wolfe
Hannah Fidell

Funny Games

A great new episode coming your way with the director of the new road comedy The Long Dumb Road, Hannah Fidell. Her film follows the sheltered Nat (played by Tony Revolori) as he drives cross country to attend art school in Los Angeles. On his way he picks up a hitchhiker (played by Jason Mantzoukas) who shakes up Nat's close minded worldview.

The movie that Hannah has chosen to discuss this week is Michael Haneke's Funny Games. She sort of picks both the American and Austrian version since they are almost perfectly identical films. April calls Hannah's own film The Long Dumb Road a comedic Funny Games, since both deal with an intruder breaking the unwritten rules of politeness and social decency. Hannah and April really dig into the genius of Haneke and his masterful filmmaking. They elaborate on how Funny Games is eerily prescient in its prediction of the emergence of "alt-right trolls." April also reveals that this movie was somewhat born out of Haneke's hatred for Natural Born Killers and how this Austrian film was really intended for American audiences.

Check out The Long Dumb Road streaming now.

And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch Funny Games, either the Austrian or the American version.

With April Wolfe with Hannah Fidell

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