Unfamiliar Fishes

Sarah Vowell, Author and Humorist: Interview on The Sound of Young America

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Sarah Vowell

Our interview with Sarah Vowell on her new book, Unfamiliar Fishes, was taped in front of a live audience at All Saints Church in Pasadena in March 2011.

Sarah Vowell is an author who writes about history from her own perspective, which includes not just the facts but her own running commentary on the people and events that make up our history, and is sprinkled with anecdotes of her own experiences while exploring the subject.

Unfamiliar Fishes follows the history of Western intervention in Hawaii up until the annexation of the state, and is out now.

JESSE THORN: It's The Sound of Young America, I'm Jesse Thorn. My guest on the program, at least in public radio circles, barely needs any introduction at all; it's Sarah Vowell. She's made a career for herself as a very particular kind of popular historian. She doesn't so much write as a historian, presenting what Werner Herzog recently called to me “The accountant's truth.” Rather, she writes from her own perspective, a perspective that is very contemporary and very funny.

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