An Idiot Abroad: Season Two


If you know the Ricky Gervais Show (either as an animated HBO series or in its original podcast form), then you are already familiar with Gervais' delightfully round-headed co-host Karl Pilkington. And if you know Karl, I hope you have also discovered the Sky1 show that Gervais and Merchant created for him called "An Idiot Abroad". In the show, Gervais and Merchant send Pilkington to places around the world that most of us would love to see, but which the distinctly unadventurous Pilkington has no desire to visit. In season one, he muddled along through a tour of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The show was picked up here for the first season by the Science Channel and was an unbounded joy for loyal American Pilkington fans.

Sky1 recently released the trailer for a second season and it looks equally promising. Apparently entitled "An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List", Sky1 plans to launch it soon, possibly as early as next month. Here's hoping that it will be available stateside soon.

Monty Python - The Architect

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Does this every happen to you? You just start thinking about a Python sketch, and then you just have to watch it seven or twelve times?

To say Python are the greatest sketch group ever is to make a serious understatement.

"May I ask you to reconsider? I mean you wouldn't regret it. Think of the tourist trade."

Improv Everywhere: Say Something Nice


Start your day off right: say something nice to someone you don't know.

Two New Videos from Wyatt Cenac's Upcoming DVD: "Animals" and "Medieval Times"


Wyatt Cenac will be releasing his debut CD and DVD, "Comedy Person", on August 23rd. The DVD will include 25 minutes of material that wasn't shown on his Comedy Central special and will also feature an animated short.

Comedy Central just released two advance videos from the DVD today and so, of course, I brought them both here for you to enjoy.

The first is the DVD's animated bonus feature, "Medieval Times", and the second clip, "Animals", showcases Cenac's musings on why the Black Panther party should consider engaging more actual panthers in their work.

Mavis Staples and Win Butler cover "The Weight"

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Undoubtedly one of the finest summer festival performances this season, delivered fresh to your desktop: Mavis Staples and Arcade Fire's Win Butler cover the Band's classic "The Weight" during last weekend's Outside Lands festival in San Francisco.

All choked up now.

I'm gonna miss summer.

Dave Chappelle on Wild 94.9

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If you can get past the inane jokes that the DJs make, Dave Chappelle has some interesting things to say in this, his first radio interview in years.

David Mitchell's Soapbox: Naming Your Child


In light of Jesse's decision to rename of "The Sound of Young America" (and, of course, in honor of the recent birth of his son, Simon), I thought we should consider this sage advice from writer and actor David Mitchell on the proper naming of people and shows.

Now that you've absorbed this critical input, please join our lively discussion in the forums regarding potential new names for TSOYA!

Inside the Master Class with Matt Besser


Ever wonder what happens inside a real master class with a legendary improv teacher like Matt Besser of the Upright Citizens Brigade? Well continue to wonder, because this video is a joke version of that.

Gil Scott-Heron & Jay Smooth


I had some of the same feelings about Gil Scott-Heron's passing as Jay did. The difference, I think, is that Jay is one of the most thoughtful, brilliant cultural commentators we have, and I was busy working on this tweet about baby kangaroos .

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