TS18: Sandra Fluke, Kirk Cameron, Modesto Teacher Student Love, Gay Teens


To celebrate the first episode after joining the MaximumFun podcasting network , Erin and Bryan talk Limbaugh's attack on Sandra Fluke, Kirk Cameron's views on gay marriage, Modesto, CA's 41 year old teacher moving in with his 18 year old student, and gay teens. Welcome to the fray!


oh my delicate ears

I'm about two minutes in and I already adore this podcast. Filthy and hilarious. Yay! I am neither gay nor a woman.

Hurray! So glad to see this

Hurray! So glad to see this awesome podcast on the MaxFun site now. The only complaint I have about this podcast is that I can't listen in public because I hoot and giggle like a completely insane freakball. Strictly at-home listening material. :D

RSS Feed

Excited about the new addition to the MaxFun family. Is there a RSS feed I can subscribe to (I don't use iTunes)? I've looked on the "Subscribe to the Podcasts" page and there's nothing for Throwing Shade there yet. Can't wait to give it a listen!

Loving the show, I'm glad

Loving the show, I'm glad you're in the MaxFuniverse! In the same vein of Ohio State's jersey punishment, check out Iowa's inappropriate pink away team locker room!


The direct download link

The direct download link didn't come up in my RSS feed.

Up and Running

Hi guys, sorry about the technical difficulties. The episode should be up and running!

not playing

the podcast isn't playing. Dear God, why isn't it playing???!!

Can't listen to it : (

.... Nothing happens when I press play! Seriously craving some TSPodcast right now!