Throwing Shade Episode #100 - The Hunger Games Camp, Terrible T-Shirts for Girls, the Transgender Newsman, Yahoo

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It's Throwing Shade's 100th Birthday! And we owe it all to you! But don't worry - she may be old, but she is no less shady. This week, Erin and Bryan talk about The Children's Place and their ridiculously offensive new line of T-shirts for girls, and then Bryan gets into the ABC newsman who went from being a man to a woman and then back to a man because of amnesia! Throwing Shade may be 100, but honey, her head is still in the game and her legs are still in the pool! 
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Is there a reason the shows

Is there a reason the shows have started just cutting off without a sign-off? Or is the iTunes version just a shortened version now or something?

I miss the reminders to not die :(