TS19:Things There Was No Time For

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Bryan and Erin can't always include everything in an hour, which is why they meticulously cobbled together this bonus episode of outtakes. Please enjoy, and when you're done, catch up on some old epsiodes. We'll have an all new Throwing Shade coming soon!


New Fan!

I am so glad that you came to Maximum Fun, I didn't even KNOW what I was MISSING. WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE?!

Anyway. You guys made two days of my Flu horribly hilarious. I say horribly because I could barely breathe to begin with and then I was also laughing until I cried. Needless to say, it was disgusting.

And then I really cried because I was greedy and I'm still sick but I've listened to everything.

Poor me.

A Texan Lady in Sweden