Underwriting MaximumFun.org

What's so great about Maximum Fun?

We've built a community around Maximum Fun. A community that loves our programs, talks to us on twitter and Facebook, spends their free time on our forums, and comes out to our live events. A community that's passionate about Maximum Fun and The Sound of Young America.

Our audience is excited to support great ideas, products, and services -- particularly when those ideas, products, and services are supporting the shows, content, and community they love.

If you or your business chooses to underwrite MaximumFun.org or our programs, you'll not only support the work we do, but you'll also reach our successful, discerning, educated, and awesome audience.

How does underwriting work?

Rates range from a hundred dollars for a personal message on an episode of Jordan, Jesse, Go! to a few thousand a month for sponsorship of radio, podcast and web for The Sound of Young America.

We're more than happy to work with you and your organization, be it big or small, to reach your goals.

Look over our media kit to learn a little bit more about our work and our audience. If you're interested in pursuing a partnership, email our Development Director Theresa at theresa@maximumfun.org for more information.