#49 - Best Saturday Morning Cartoon w/ Jackson Publick

Jackson Publick

Most of us grew up with the magic of the Saturday Morning Cartoon, but with so many great shows from so many different eras, how can you pick the best one of all time? Easy. You call Mark and Hal, who call their friend (and Venture Brothers creator) Jackson Publick to make the call!

Topics include:

- Cereal

- HB Haters

- Cat Dictators

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Some Forgotten Shows

I doubt these would have won on your scale, but Rocky and Bullwinkle, George of the Jungle and Dudley Do-right were some of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

fresh perspective

Oh, man, good show. These last two episodes were fully grin inducing. I have been going back and revisiting my ideas about cartoons I liked as a kid for the past year or so, since my own kid is five and a half now. The process has made me revisit some long-held assumptions. My son unreservedly likes the Pink Panther cartoon, Spider-Man and his Amazing couple of Friends, and the Hanna-Barbera Godzilla cartoons. Not what I imagined. We had a few sessions of me trying to get him to sit through a whole episode of Road Runner before I just gave in and let him drive. I have to admit, there's something to the goofy bad guys from the latter two series, and there are really no boring parts. I might see what he thinks about classic Scooby-Doo now.

Thanks, guys. Jackson, I'm a fan.