Podcast: Best Friends with John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton


This week on The Sound of Young America, two old friends, both of the show and of each other. We chat with each seperately, and in special blog-only bonus audio (below), we squash a long-simmering feud between them regarding cat care and a series of vicious attack ads.

Jonathan Coulton is a comic singer-songwriter. For the past year, he's written and released (free) a new song every single week. Some, like "Code Monkey," which he performs on the show, have become internet phenomena. Enjoy free downloads of his three musical performances below. He's currently touring with his best pal...

...John Hodgman. Hodgman is the author of "The Areas of My Expertise," a compendium of entirely fabricated facts, history and trivia. For many years, Hodgman was a literary agent, and counted among his clients the B-movie star Bruce Campbell. Today, he's best known for portraying the PC in the Mac-Vs.-PC advertisements for Apple, and for his regular appearances on the Daily Show. See below for special blog-only audio of Hodgman discussing his childhood interest in (but incompetence at) D&D.

If you're coming from an outside link (I see you, boingboing, Coultonblog, etc), be sure to check out our audio archive for past programs (Colbert's head writer, The Flaming Lips, Chuck Klosterman & Dave Foley, etc), and look below for past shows with John H.

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Download Jonathan Coulton's Musical Performances (Right Click, Save As)

Code Monkey / Lyrics
You Ruined Everything / Lyrics
The Future Soon / Lyrics

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Bonus: Hodgman Vs. Coulton

Bonus: Hodgman on Dungeons & Dragons

Incidental Music by DJW

Previously on The Sound of Young America:

"All World Knowledge" with John Hodgman and Fred Rees: MP3
"On the Road" with John Hodgman and Henry Rollins: MP3
"ComedyCopia" with a song from Jonathan Coulton
"Joketacular" with a song from Jonathan Coulton


I haven't even listened to it yet, but already I have a feeling this might be the best podcast ever.Hodgman and Coulton are probably the only two uniting interests between most of my friends, due to my book lending and mixes.

I just added the Coulton songs as individual downloads, cause I got permission from Jonathan.

Love the interview, but I can't get the "odeo" players to work for the special added content... please advise...

Joe, here are direct links to the files. Is anyone else having trouble with the Odeo player?Coulton V. HodgmanHodgman on D&D

Those were awesome interviews, however the Odeo player won't work for me either. And when I try and download the mp3s I just get a file not found message.

Hrmm... I don't know what to tell you, they're working fine for me. Try again, maybe?

I'm having the same problem as the posters above as far as the bonus materials. The Odeo players indicate that the file is "chipmunked" and, when I try to download the files with your new links, I get an error message that the files are either unavailable or cannot be found. Maybe you could post the bonus tracks on iTunes?

Hey Jesse,Yeah, still having problems with the downloads... But I think I found the problem with the direct links:The interview download links to "media.lisbyn.com/media/tsoya/tsoya101306.mp3"... but the new links you posted only link to "media.libsyn.com/tsoya/etc..."So, maybe there is a problem with the subdomain "media" being left out of the new links...Then again, I usually have no idea at all what I'm talking about...

Coulton v. HodgmanHodgman on D&DI also added them to the podcast feed, so they should be downloadable in iTunes. Note that I back-dated them to before the show, so you have to manually download them in iTunes.

Another great show. Interesting to hear Coulton talk about what he wanted for his career. I wonder what the ceiling is these days for "novelty songs." I'm not sure anyone's going to reach Weird Al/They Might Be Giants level again anytime soon.Also, I have my ticket to see Hodgman next week, and needless to say I'm excited. Are his book tours radically different from the "Little Gray Book Lectures?"

The book tour shows are Hodgman talking and reading from his book, and Coulton (dressed as a mountain man) singing songs as his "troubador." Also, they take questions via walkie-talkie.

Fab interview esp. the one with Hodgman. I'm liking him more and more.

The mp3s for the bonus content work now. Thanks for that.