Podcast: Live in Chicago: Steve Albini

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This is the second of two podcasts covering our live show at Chicago's Second City. You can find the first, which includes the comedy performances, here.

My guest on this installment is rock and roll musician and producer Steve Albini. He's the owner of Chicago's Electrical Audio, and has recorded more than a thousand bands, including Nirvana, The Stooges and many others. He's known for approaching his work humbly, as an engineer, rather than as a producer.

I talk with Steve about growing up punk rock in Montana, about his college days in Chicago, and how he developed his production skills and ideals. We also talk a bit about his strong ideas on the music industry. He's well known for a piece he wrote in Maximum Rock & Roll on the awful economics of major labels.

Here're some wonderful photos of the show online! Photos are by David Facchini.

Special thanks to Bossman Graphics for designing our poster, and to The Second City for inviting us!

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