Judge John Hodgman Episode 76: Snooze Control


Ben brings the case against his wife Jenna. They wed and moved in together a few years ago, and have yet to come to an agreement on their morning routine. Jenna isn't really an early-riser, and prefers to get as much sleep as she can before getting out of bed. Ben believes in a schedule that allows them plenty of time to wake up and prepare for the day. How should they model their mornings? Only one man can decide.



there is a Dora movie...

SIGH - The Obvious Solution

Jenna takes longer to get to sleep so she should GO TO BED 30 MINUTES BEFORE Ben (lovemaking will have to be relegated to weekends only - pretty standard). During this "alone time" Ben should leisurely prepare sumptuous lunches for them both. Her "sleep deficit" eliminated by the earlier bedtime, Jenna should get out of bed FIRST right when the alarm goes off AT 6:40 so as to get her "shee togee" by 7:15 and be sitting in the car when Ben logs off Facebook and peels out the driveway at 7:20 sharp.

This is such a tricky one

I did sort of think that the dude's main complaint is that, ultimately, he wanted to leave earlier and he didn't want to stand around quite so much.

That said: he's an accountant. They will probably prosper shortly and he can just get his own car soon, but I did think he got a little left out to dry on this one.

Though maybe he is also too whiny and should just start reading the paper? I don't know.
It was tough to find a spot where things worked for everyone, but, I will say, as a member of a couple, it's tough to go to bed at separate times. Not impossible, but tough. Lovemaking, aside...


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Ben should get a vibrating watch alarm so he can wake up without the noise of a regular alarm clock! The new FitBit will have this feature, or you can buy one on Amazon for about $15. Then Ben can wake up early and Jenna can set her alarm for whatever time she wants.


Buzz Marketing!

Are we allowed to buzz market vibrating watch alarms on these pages? The judge ought to decide.

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