Judge John Hodgman Episode 94: Bleached and Mounted Bones of Contention

John Roderick

This week, Nick has a bone to pick with his wife, Sara. Nick admits he has an interest in the macabre, which has led him to consider collecting taxidermied animals, their skeletons, and (possibly) a human skull. Though Sara is willing to let one or two preserved animals lie around the house, she's horrified by the prospect of Nick collecting any more, nor is she terribly enthused about the prospect of sharing their home with what was once a human head. Will Nick's new hobby flourish, or will Sara have it laid to rest? Judge John Hodgman decides.

John Roderick from The Long Winters lends the court his expert testimony. John's most recent album is One Christmas At a Time, a holiday collaboration with Jonathan Coulton. For more signature John Roderick insight, you can tune in to his weekly podcast with Merlin Mann, Roderick on the Line.



Evidence from Nick

Exhibit A:

"Various animal skulls around both my parents' home and my sister's."

Even more skulls.

Also a skull.

Exhibit B:
A link to a legal forum regarding the legality of owning bones in the United States.

Exhibit C:
An online retailer of human skulls which contains purchase requirements. (And human skulls for sale.)

BONUS Exhibit D:

This is the nightmare gerbil looking for a good home. Email hodgman@maximumfun.org and tell us in 100 words why YOUR home should be that good home.


Cats Not Kids

Cats Not Kids is a fine life, but if you have a purebred cat such as an Abyssinian, you probably shouldn't be throwing around the term "breeder" as an insult. Just sayin'.


Jesse! This is not a gerbil! It's a squirrel!!!

Trilogy of Terror

Judge Hodgman, I do recall the Karen Black Trilogy of Terror. Michael Chabon's new book makes a reference to it. By all means read it.

I'll be going soon...

I'm getting the the corner of my bedroom ready where I'm going to cower in dismay after listening to the Skull Podcast. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the Judge John Hodgman podcast before I retreat from society.
Thanks a lot.

I cannot express how

I cannot express how satisfying it was to me when John hit the "Nightmare Goebbels" joke. I was in my car on a gray morning, shouting "IT'S NOT A NAZI PROPAGANDA MINISTER, IS IT?" and I honestly thought the moment had passed. So happy now.

That is a nightmare

I am a scientist. I have seen many animal skulls and remains in my time. I never screamed at any of them... Until I saw that nightmare gerbil, which is actually a squirrel. That thing is just unnatural. I am regrettably bowing out of this contest.

On the other hand, that pelican skull looks pretty cool.

Am I the only one who think

Am I the only one who think that nightmare gerbil looks like a squirrel with a thin tail instead of a gerbil?

Truly a nightmare!

I would rather write you 100 words on why I SHOULDN'T have that thing in my home.


Wait. Is that not a squirrel?

i don't take this man or woman...

Love love love the podcast but three married couples in a row? Please intersperse them with friends, coworkers, siblings, parents and children - anything but more tired passive/aggressive spousal issues.

"For me, the best episode in a long while..." he said lovingly.

Well done all.

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The XML feed is broken, I can't subscribe in itunes or with the RSS feed. :(